Tuesday, January 25, 2011


So here's the thing. I have to slow things down 'cause they come way too fast. I have to think things through, and it's hard when you spend a large number of hours in your day simply reacting to the world around you with thought with which you've been trained. I like to question my thoughts and in a world of a speedy gonzales mentality it can get a bit difficult.

I mean, seriously, I'm always saying the wrong thing.

The things that go straight from my brain directly to my mouth without anything catching it or filtering it or bombing it are well, maybe a little forthright strange. A little too much. So the friends that stick with me on this, they're hilarious. They love it when I say some of the things I do, and I love it when they laugh.

Like today when I called Kim and I was at work and she was at work and there was no way we were gonna get to say more than three sentences each to each other.


Someone signed me up for sexy single seniors.


Someone signed me up for sexy single seniors and I loved that and I thought you would too.

Oh my gosh that's hilarious. Kim has the best giggle which turns into all out laughter which in turn makes me laugh.

Okay, bye.

I got to tell the girls, bye.

Today is called a holiday of quick, fun-filled conversations.


Disclaimer: If you are a sexy single senior then I think you are absolutely fantastic. I personally know several of you. Rock on. The thing is that the funniest thing in my life right now is the thought of me dating anyone other than the people I have in my life right now. I'm dating them, and it's cool. In fact, I think I may have a photography date with my Dad and Ruby and the puppies this weekend.

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