Thursday, January 27, 2011


The whole world is in love with you. Sometimes they don't know how to say it or the sun gets in their eyes, but believe me, I know this world, the whole world, they love you. The other day when you were standing in line waiting and waiting and slowly inching forward you didn't notice but you were loved. That lady who turned around and began to chat and then both of you began to laugh at the absurdity, yes, yes, she loved you and still does.

I guess someone may have told you along the way that you weren't loved or maybe you saw something on the television or possibly in the street ahead of you but I'm here to say it's untrue. Those were lies told by people who were frightened you would go somewhere else if you knew how much everyone loved you. So scared they lied to you, that's how much they loved you.

See, they love it when you smile, when they see the joy in your eyes. They love it when you are relaxed and open to possibilities. And it's amazing to think they care nothing about what you wear, how big your house is, the color of your skin, eyes or hair, they love you all the same because you are them. Human.

Unless maybe somewhere, sometime in their lives someone could have said to them they shouldn't love themselves and they believed and if that's the case they wouldn't know how to love you 'cause you are them. So I guess every now and again we should tell people the secret. Tell them that they are loved.

It's good to love and be loved.


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Johnny Boy said...

I don't know if it tells you when someone comments or if you'll ever even see this, but you, ma'am, are the most amazing writer I've ever read. Harper Lee, as amazing as she is, has NOTHING on you! I am in awe at your genuine outlook on the world and all the beauty that you witness when everyone else sees turmoil and darkness. Thank you so much.