Friday, January 14, 2011


Jeff Johnson actually typed my name, typed Shea with the correct spelling 'cause he's like that. He notices things and then he tells them in both his photography and his writing. In 2010 I stumbled upon a movie starring him after coming home from the day job, sitting at my desk with dinner in front of me and pulling up Netflix. They said I might like it and well, I loved it.

Thank you, Netflix.

Hi, my name is Shea. I will watch a movie seven times in two days. I will buy it for a friend. I will push it on everyone I know. At Christmas I will buy three copies and give them to three important people in my life.

I loved that movie and even writing about it now makes me want to stop and watch it, but I tell myself I need to tell you about it.

So there's this guy named Jeff Johnson who goes on this adventure some years after watching a video made in 1968 by dirtbags, Yvon Chouinard and Doug Tomkins. And well, it makes you want to be a dirtbag. It makes you want to swim in what you believe in. It inspires you to ride some metaphorical wave as if you are Keith Malloy needing some solitude. You know you will follow Timmy O'Neill up a mountain 'cause you trust him to know what he's doing. You have to dream one day to sit by a campfire and listen to Alicia Ika Acuna play the guitar and serenade you and your friends.

You know that movie speaks to you because the video is superb and the music is lovely. Yes, I do have the soundtrack and yes, it is like warm cookies and milk. And the cast, every single person in that movie becomes someone you love because you see what they love. They love our home. Mine and yours and no matter what you are feeling in this exact moment in time you know you have to stop and think for at least a breath how much you love those trees, the grass secreting some change come soon and the ocean. Oh, the ocean.

I don't review movies or wait maybe I do right here, right now. If I did about this one I would say five stars, A and all the plusses, way to go everyone who had any part in what that is and thank you, I do so love me a great movie.

Here it is, my friends.

Sweet gratitude.

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