Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Most artists I know have a similar torture. The work is never done, it is always unfinished. One more stroke of the brush, another read of the story, maybe one last shot in this lighting and then another. It is a bit obsessive, compulsive perhaps or possibly we could call it a great concern as to what they give the world.

When I called Josh about the surprise poster and he finally answered because he was clearly avoiding me and had ultimately forgotten why. I casually after the hellos and how you doings proceeded to the question.

Oh hell, there's nothing casual about me, I asked what about the poster?

It's not finished, then a deep sigh. I'll try to work on it tonight.

You know tomorrow is the deadline, is the last day I can print it off and give it to Charlie. You're done. You don't even know you're done. You have a problem. It will never be done so right now you must email it to me and walk away from it.

No. I'm not finished.

Josh, don't make me call Mama or Priscilla. Hand it over.

I'll email you what I have but I'll still try to finish it tonight.


I just sent it.

Excitedly I love you.

Begrudgingly I love you too.

Born August 28, 1977 he was the only of the three Miller children who seemed to decline upon removal from the womb. He got sick and according to my grandmother was not going to make it.

He made it.

16"w x 20"h, Matte finish, Premium paper

And he made a poster. One you could have, signed by the artist as well as each member of the band sent directly to you in pretty packaging. All you have to do is email a gratitude to sheagoff at gmail dot com before 5pm on Saturday, January 22nd. I'll then place your gratitude in my hiking hat which will then become my gratitude hat. At 6pm I will ask Josh to close his eyes and draw five gratitudes from that hat. Those five people will then be notified, asked where they would like the poster sent and you, you, my friend, could be the owner of the first ever, very limited signed poster work of Robert Joshua Miller, Charlie Shearon and Connor Alexander.

A thank you, gratitude to you for reading.

Today is a holiday of sharing.


Barbara Bugg said...

I really want this poster! Besides the fact that I love the band, I love the beautiful poster. I sent you an e-mail about my gratitude, but I just made it "under the wire". I hope you get my message before the show tonight. I will see you there.

Shea Goff said...

You're officially entered, Barbara, and I loved your gratitude. Thank you!