Saturday, January 1, 2011


What if this is our last year together?

What if this is the birth of a thousand more?

What if this is the last moment?

What if in the next there is infinity more?

What would we, you and me, do?

We would answer the phone.

We would listen.

Maybe we'd savor that first and last bite.

That email we got, it would mean something.

The comment we made, it would stand for love.

And here is we are, nothing more nothing less.

Happy New Year. 2011.



Sarah Rachael said...

Happy New Year, Shea!! May it be the best yet!

Shea Goff said...

oh, it will be. no doubt about it, Sarah. In fact, it may be so good that I turn this thing off and get some rest today.

maybe foreword will turn into forward but not today. ;)