Saturday, December 25, 2010


I took my Dad to a movie. A western, an old John Wayne movie where Joel and Ethan Coen rewrote, visualized, hired people and recreated what they had seen. And yes I admit that their last movie, A Serious Man, gave me reason to criticize which is not something I tend towards. I figure everyone has got their way of looking at something, it is their own choice just as it is mine. I like choice and figure they do too. I think I learned that from Westerns. I think people like John Wayne taught me that. And here's where I will say Jeff Bridges playing John Wayne is worthy of note. Well hell, I'll just say that I recommend that movie on that one point. Watch what Jeff Bridges does, watch how loyal he is and then say what loyalty is. John Wayne died but Jeff Bridges lives. Go see the movie.

Then again these boys, these brothers of Coen, who have so generously brought me Raising Arizona, Fargo, Miller's Crossing, The Man Who Wasn't There, The Big Lebowski, No Country for Old Men, O Brother Where Art Thou and who am I forgetting? The Coen Brothers brought legend in my time. Legend in my time is hard for a moviemaker. I can be quite critical of what I see. Or maybe I can be quite critical about what I am spending my money to see. understatement.

The thing is I got mad at the movie. Mad in front of my Dad who I took there for us to enjoy a great, old, John Wayne western made new.I got a little pissed off let's say because Josh Brolin (hello Josh Brolin) played the bad guy. The STUPID bad guy. Now I know that all bad guys are stupid 'cause why would you be a bad guy when you could be a good guy. But don't put Josh Brolin in that role 'cause I figure if Josh Brolin is going to a bad guy then he needs to be really BAD. And he wasn't. I mean, seriously, he was taken out by a fourteen year old girl with snakes around her.

Okay, so yeah maybe snakes were really a part of westerns and that western in particular but still I don't like snakes slithering or horses getting killed. And I know that horses getting killed was part of westerns but it always kinda pissed me off that the horse was just being loyal and the human was the one that had gotten them in the predicament and why did the horse have to be shot?

Anyway, I guess I'll recommend this movie. And I guess the Coen Brothers will never actually want a signed copy of my book but I would send them Miller's Crossing if I thought they would sign it and send it back 'cause that was some of the best photography and storytelling I ever did witness.


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