Thursday, December 30, 2010


Warren and I, we fight like crazy. I see Warren practically as much if not more than most anyone. Warren and I work together in an office with a shop or a shop with an office, however you want to look at it. When Charlie once said, Shea, you and Warren are a hoot. I like to watch as you jab each other.

I responded, Oh Charlie, how can Warren and I not be at war? War is in his name.

In fact, I love mine and Warren's war. I love how we struggle to get our point across 'cause our points are so different but then sometimes the same. We kinda stand for what we believe in everywhere we go. That really is beautiful if you think about it, huh? I respect Warren like that. He's kinda cool that way.

And really what is a struggle if not a beautiful war fought within oneself? Warren and I battle within ourselves, make a stand then meet each other and play as friends.

I have been watching some documentaries of late stumbling upon Jean-Michel Basquiat and a movie of graffiti artists. Why did they paint someone else's property? I think.

Could it be that they didn't have the internet? Maybe there was something so important they had to say that they wanted to tell the world but there was no forum for such a big voice as a wall or a bridge or a sign or a billboard or a train. That had to be one of the greatest ways to get your message out to whoever wanted to see it.

And then I think, well gosh that is arrogant.

And yes, it is.

But then I guess I battle a belief that whatever anyone is doing is important. Whatever anyone is saying is important. I respect what they are saying, listen to how they say it and then say what I have to say. What is so great about them is that without 'em I wouldn't know what I had to say.

And what is what I have to say anyway? Simply a belief I carry but nothing I expect you to tote.

Warren is married to Llana and they are a beautiful couple of retirement age. Are there any laws out there to help me keep Warren? Does he really have to retire?

Gratitude 'cause today he is still with me.


Sarah Rachael said...

It's most definitely a shop with an office. :)

Shea Goff said...

actually most of the time it doesn't even feel like two different areas, sarah. just one big gigantic business. ;)