Thursday, December 30, 2010


We write our history.


My favorite comment is see what's wrong at 5:08.

What's wrong at 5:08 is that Daddy has got some pit bull puppies, eight to be exact. See, that day when Ruby picked him, she was pregnant. And, well, she fell in love with Daddy and Daddy with her. Nothing would have changed maybe if he had known she was pregnant. Pregnant with eight puppies and let's just say we done got ourselves a situation here.

Nobody wants a pit bull puppy although someone did ask if they had papers and all I could say was, me and daddy will draw you up some nice ones with crayons and magic markers. I just hate that Daddy can't get rid of those puppies to good homes, people that will love them and raise them.

He asked me if I was taking four of 'em and I said, well sure Daddy.

And I guess you'll have to take ol' Ruby, too, on account that she needs to go with those puppies.

Well, sure Daddy. While I'm sitting here I'll just go ahead and load the gun for Billy Sue so she can shoot herself. Billy Sue, she's kinda an only child, Daddy.

I know, Boog, but I just don't know what I'm gonna do. I took 'em to the vets to see if they could get rid of 'em but they say, no they can't do it. They don't want no pit bull pups.

Daddy said he couldn't give someone $10 to take them away.

If you, you reading this, want Ruby and her pups, oh heck just one puppy, me and Daddy will work a deal with ya'.

Just email me at sheagoff at gmail dot com.

I'll even give you a personal email of gratitude. I don't know what it would say yet. But I'll figure it out.

And oh yeah, if you don't mind getting the word out with a blog or a facebook link or a mouth or a building or a sign or a train then we would be much obliged. Surely someone out there needs one single little puppy to teach love.


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