Friday, December 10, 2010


Hi, you.

I think you need to relax.

I think it's been a hard week.

I think it seemed like everything was going against you.

I think it may have felt like you were being tested on every level.

I want you to be able to do what you like to do.

Sleep all day.

Play video games.

Take as many baths as you would like.

Text your friends.

Play with your dog.

Get food right out of the refrigerator.

'Cause you know, you've worked hard. You deserve it.

Come home, my sweet son.

And anybody else that reads this, I hope for you one day this weekend that you do all those things you work to do.

Connor Alexander of Woodstomp
Southaven Arena

Southaven, MS

Tonight. 7:00pm till midnight.

Bring $3.00 plus an unwrapped toy.

And watch Woodstomp.

Kids get toys and you get fun.

Ahhhhhh, the weekend. Early one for me.



Slater said...

Mom. I just woke up. I had my notes on my bed and my laptop open... Its the 21st century try hard move :). I am gonna try and get this last bit in and then I will be home to see you. Hopefully I will be bringing myself a slice of heaven back to here next semester. I think I might need it.

Shea Goff said...

You got it. I mean, really, you got this. You got this last exam. Just walk in there, put down what you know and walk away.

I LOVE you.

Sarah Rachael said...

Even though your post was to Slater, it fit so perfectly after the past couple of days on my end. Time to celebrate my weekend. :) Enjoy yours and enjoy having Slater home! I certainly wish that I was making the seasonal trip back home for the holidays like all of my friends still in college are getting to do. Tell him not to take it for granted because eventually it'll be time to be a grownup.

Shea Goff said...

Hey, sweet Sarah. Maybe sometimes a letter to your child is also a letter to your friend Sarah, her parents, your parents, yourself, everyone. Maybe we all need that letter at times. It's good to see you smiling and fighting and climbing and doing everything that makes you you.

Sweet weekends.