Friday, December 3, 2010


During a recent scientific experiment of which I attempted to find the duration of time it would take for me to fall from the top step of the back entrance to my house down to the concrete floor of my carport, I concluded that the speed of light has nothing on that fall. The fall not only won the race but also sprained the ankle.

I thought it broke the ankle, but that was night before last.

The same night I ended up crawling up those steps after convincing Billy Sue that no, this is not a game where I put myself in a vulnerable position and you get to attack my face. You can't blame her since I had just gotten home from work, taken her out for the calling of nature and was coming back in the house to participate in the Mama's home/playtime thing we do. She thought this was a new version of the same game.

But no, it wasn't.

All I knew for sure is that I couldn't put any weight, pressure or allow a slight wind to blow over my right foot/ankle area so I immediately transformed into a hopping human. One good foot and alone with a dog waiting for me to take another fall. Fun like that should really be saved for the weekend.

Rusty brought crutches (I think everyone needs a friend with crutches handy) and both of us decided that the swelling could go down during the night and it wouldn't maybe hurt to wait before subjecting my ankle, vital information and health insurance to the American medical establishment. Best case scenario would be to wake up and realize it was a bad dream.

But sometimes, I guess, we don't get best case scenarios. We get it could be worse scenarios.

We get a fashionable black boot to hold our foot in place during all those holiday parties.

We get a dreamy ankle doctor. How lucky am I?

We discover our bones were tougher than we thought.

We get to spend the day with a friend who devotes her whole day to getting us to the doctor and making sure we're comfortable.

We are gifted with a visit from our Mom, who makes the four hour drive with food and plans to make life easier for a few days.

Yeah, it could be worse. No doubt 'bout it.


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