Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Do you feel rushed? I see rushed everywhere. Tired brought on by pressure, a change of routine when those of us who never have dinner together meet up and share a meal. It is as if life gains momentum from the earlier months and swings into some whirling action zooming past your head. You want to hold onto it, but you can't even catch it. And, well, holding on was just a dream anyway.

So here we are.

You reading.

Me writing.

Catching a moment. Waking up early without much worry of tomorrow. Making a cup of coffee just like I like it. Burning my new peppermint candle Slater gave me. Billy Sue snuggled up in a blanket cave enjoying her first of such since the ankle incident. Looking forward to a date with my Dad where we watch an old western made new again. Thinking about the past weekend when all the family huddled together in a beautiful home and shared a meal of epic proportions.

How did we get to this place, swirling around like this? And who in the hell has even a moment to ask? Maybe we do by reading and writing. Maybe this is where we meet to slow down and think about how great it all is. How beautiful those people, those places, those moments are.

Maybe this is where we say our big thank you.


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