Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I guess the question always comes down to what we want. In the most simplest of forms it is where we want to be. By increasing our choices it could be we dwindled our freedoms while becoming trapped in our own minds. The only thing we really know is that nothing truly matters yet everything is incredibly important.

Emily once said, When I was young I used to have to get all made up just to go to the store. The hair had to be perfect. Make-up just right. And I'd look at other people and think, why'd they just let themselves go?

I smiled. I think it's just what they let go, what is left is themselves which must mean they're clinging to something. 'Cause if you let go of everything, every fear, every expectation, every judgement toward yourself and others.....well, hell that'd be just damn scary.

I mean, we're human. We have to cling to something, right?



Sarah Rachael said...

It's funny how when you let go of all of the b.s. that you used to think made you who you are, you're always surprised to see what's left once the dust has settled.

We all cling to something. Sometimes that something is just yourself. Cling to yourself and who you know you can be.

Shea Goff said...

Oh yes, Sarah.

And it's funny too 'cause what you can be you cannot even fathom. Like every step you take, every day you awake, you are one step to being more than you could even know.

Thank you for writing, Sarah. You inspire me.