Monday, October 4, 2010


In one of those photographs posted yesterday there is a moment between two sisters. They each have one hand clasped to the other's. It is maybe an inhale or an exhale, but I think so much happens in that instant, so much with the brain, that it is good to see it.

I think we need to see pictures like that in our lives.

I am getting ready to go and spend a week with friends on a beach. I think there will be tons of pictures like that. I don't expect them and I won't be disappointed if there aren't any. It's just people like my child, my parents, my brothers and sisters, my friends, my coworkers, they are people that help me stop, slow down and see those moments.

Another Do Whatever You Need To Do To Take Care of Yourselves Week.

There will be people.

They will be at different stages in their lives. Some struggling with something. Some coming to peace with something. Some sleeping as much as they possibly can.
ladies and gentlemen, these would be the ones with kids still at home and in football and school and entertaining and feeding and everything. oh yes, they need it the most.

There are people who are getting away from the stresses of their job, of all the duties their daily life entails. I used to take my job with me on vacations. I advise against that now.

But there are also friends there who are doing what they can do to be at peace with not being the immediate parent anymore. This one is a bit tough, and I can personally vouch for that fact. Balance has always been an issue for me. Walking a certain tightrope of time.

I don't schedule well.

I hope to get better soon.

Otherwise, I will be visiting the ocean with other people who will enjoy not scheduling so well.

Sleeping when they want to.

Eating when they want to.

Watching a movie.

Reading books.

Listening to music.

Hearing silence.

Watching the water.

Laughing with each other.


Taking photographs.

Of moments.

Sitting on a balcony for hours watching boats. Watching as the wind hits their sails, wondering about those people's stories, how long did they spend in the ocean today, is their family with them, their friends, who is there, what are their stories.

Maybe I have used it here before but I know I have heard the quote from someone, somewhere, someone really smart, who said something about the universe is not made up of atoms, rather it is made up of stories.

I like that.

But I'd like to add that in those stories are moments, sister moments. Sister moments can happen with anyone, anywhere in the world, of any gender or color of skin, hair or nationality. Your husband, your child, your friend, your brother, your mom, your dad, your niece, your nephew, your coworkers, the guy who picks up the uniforms, your boss, the stranger on the phone. They are just moments, exchanges of breath, energy.

I want them for the world. There I said it. I sent it out into the universe, and I hope it comes back to you.

A wish.

For my child.

My family.

My siblings.

My friends.



A day.

A week.

A year.

A lifetime of moments.