Saturday, October 2, 2010

location, location, location

The grass has never been this brown. When Billy Sue does her business on the back lawn and performs the canine ritual equivalent of a human flushing, the back pedaling of rear paws kicking up Earth to cover her shit, these days there is a cloud of dust.

I think my Daddy would call this there ain't been enough rain.

And August was hot. Now I am not saying that your place is not hotter. I am just saying that for a Southerner to say a time was hot means the air was thick and heavy and a bit oppressive. That is why an air conditioner is top on my list of things to have or need. In Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs he forgot to mention the conditioning of air but now I'm including it. Air conditioning goes right beside air.

Anyone moving here who talks to me always gets the question Have you been here in August? No?

and then the advice

Come spend that month down here before you sell your stuff up there. Maybe, just for fun, you could stand in the middle of some dark pavement at noon on an especially sunny day.

Those people always seem to end up selling their stuff and coming.

I think it may be they figure they can afford air conditioning or they see the pines. Maybe they notice the huge magnolias containing flowers that turn a simple wood table into an affair. It could be that they travel down a thin, curvy road where the trees on each side reach out and hold hands above them allowing only specks of sun to shine down. Possibly they saw people wave from the steering wheel, nothing too obtrusive, just a customary I notice you and it's nice. Did they witness a gullywasher, the best thunderous rainstorm they ever did see? Maybe they enjoy being serenaded by a field of crickets with some frogs. Surely it's not that they love to explore and find hidden creeks where the water is cold and rushes over their bare feet providing therapy they can't buy out of a magazine. I know it can't be the slow talking where words come out as a ballad and they find they must slow down to listen and why not, why were they in such a damn hurry anyway.

I don't know, but I have to admit that this place, or space, seems kinda special and I guess I hope everyone else in whatever space they are feels the same way.


Post Script: Today is the day that will forever be the anniversary of the day Rebecca and Rusty got married. Nice.

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