Tuesday, October 19, 2010


You know that I know that we know and so does everyone else I despise shopping, right? Well yeah, I do. Yet here I am checking out prices on the internet. I am looking at the Canon 7D.

And I'm trying to find the lowest, best price EVER on the Canon 7D. I don't want to purchase it and find out that only a month down the road prices dropped for the Christmas season. Seriously, $200 less in a month would put me in bed for a day so I agonize a bit about pricing and timimg on price.

Then, of course, all you are getting with the 7D is the body. You have to consider lenses. I could go with a package for $200 more but do I really want that lens? Would $200 go better to buying me the perfect lens. In the consideration of lenses you must consider what you're most apt to photograph. Although I like sporting events, I'm not likely to shoot them so that will take about a million dollars off what I need. Those people spend mega bucks to get the perfect shot. I am not in their league, but I do need a lens, possibly two.

I can't do as much as I would like with the camera and the lens without getting a tripod for the tack sharp focus. If I am going to do pictures I need to do them good. I can't do what I want to do without a good tripod.

I could use my old Nikon bag. And, yes, I do feel like crap about what is in that old Nikon bag. But it's a 35mm and it got wet in the Sipsey wilderness and it has never been the same again. Getting rid of it is like those worn clothes or old friends. I can't do it.

There are the memory cards, the lithium battery pack (I thought Lithium was a bipolar drug). Dude, there is SO MUCH I have to read. Definite library visit. Must learn everything I need to know to get that perfect shot with a digital camera.

So I tell myself Slow down. Hold up, sister. Go to the library, get some books for FREE. Read an hour a day. Couple o' pages during your lunch break, maybe a page during a smoking break. Just do that first and wait. Wait until you're ready, until you can walk into a camera shop, ask to see the Canon 7D, put it in your palm, wrap your fingers around it and look at it with complete familiarity as if it is some dream you've been having for years.

Like Josh with his new MAC and Adobe program. Josh is currently in heaven.

Then time is a consideration. I need to spend at least one hour per day shooting. Everything. Outside. Inside. Sunset. Sunrise. Noon. Dogs. Insects. Flowers. Signs. PEOPLE. Being a photographer can at times make you quite annoying to other people. You get serious about that shit, and all they're trying to do is tell you something about themselves.

Well see I was at the store the other day and this guys walks up.

Click...hey, can you sit over here? Maybe stand against this wall? Okay, yeah.. go ahead with your story. Click.

He had a knife and he was wielding it at me.

Click, click...interesting, just look over there for a second. Click.

So I have to say, only an hour Shea. Do not terrorize your friends.

Now I have to stop writing for a bit and go read. I have my second book on digital photography, and I must read. 'Cause, hey, it's a process, this purchasing thing. Anxiety ridden actually. I have to study first, know my shit, and then I can get the perfect camera for the perfect shot.

Ahhhhhh the perfect shot. I see those everywhere I go. You do too, don't you?

Bird by Angie

Nightfishing by Shea

Morning by Shea

Bob by Angie
Yes, a fish was harmed during the making of this photograph. It was totally Bob.

Wait! Where's the sun? It was just there!!! by Angie & Shea

Monarch by Angie

Frog by Angie

Gator by Shea

Blinded by all of us


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