Sunday, September 12, 2010

when she saw him

Slater came home yesterday, about 6:00pm. He had called earlier to let me know about what time he would get here. Shelby was in Disneyworld and he thought he would come home. It made sense since we had already discussed our date tonight.

We're going to see a live band we both love, Woodstomp. One day I'll tell you about them when their first album comes out. I plan on giving some away right here.

Anyway, Slater drives up yesterday and Billy Sue and I are sitting outside, simply waiting, enjoying the weather, doing our thing. Until, of course, his car pulls up.

That's when Billy Sue freezes.

Absolute muscle paralysis.

The boy gives her a medical condition.

He was on his cell phone so the car sat there a minute while he exited the conversation. Then the door opened and she quivered. Little tremors. One foot out of the car, and she had a bit of a neck spasm. Other foot and she was paralyzed again. Then he started walking toward us with this HUGE grin on his face. If she hadn't had better bladder control she would have actually peed on herself. Her alternative was to do the yoga move, downward facing dog without taking her eyes off Slater. She couldn't move forward but her butt started twitching. I swore I thought that little nub of a tail is going to fly off. He went straight to her and his touch healed her.

No more paralysis.

I think this is one of the things I love about her is that what she is she cannot hide. Her love is that beautiful.

And she's got good taste 'cause what she loves is that beautiful too.

I think Billy Sue and I are happy Slater came home.

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