Saturday, September 11, 2010

let's pretend

The universe is simply made up of stories.

Everyone you meet, everywhere you go people are simply telling you stories.

Stories about their life.

They want to tell you their life story. Everywhere, even at that convenience store you stop by every morning. And what if you decide for one day that all you are supposed to do is listen to people's stories. You really don't say much. You just let them talk. If they stop talking you simply challenge them to go on.

But sometimes it's hard to hear their story because maybe there is a part of their life story which reminds you of your own. And you don't like that part.

And you get in a really hard day.

Like yesterday, Friday. My favorite day.

Right now is football season. I'm all about football season 'cause, well....I grew up in the SEC of the USA. I'm a bit tribal, let's say, and, well....there's just something extra special about a weekend or a Thursday night this time of year. That's all I'm saying.

So Friday is extra special this time o' year. And my Friday yesterday felt excruciating. That is not a word in my vocabulary that is supposed to describe a Friday. I guess what I'm trying to say is that yesterday was especially excruciatingly bad when it comes to what we call days.

Football has started. Mississippi State Bulldogs had actually showed up to the game the night before. Way to go, Dawgs. And way to go, Auburn, for making us show up. Good game. While I'm on it I must say, Way to go, Hokies as well. Monday's game with a three point loss against the number three team makes me think Beamer has a thing for threes so I'm hoping you rank at least third in the nation once it's all said and done. Ole Miss, Alabama, LSU, Arkansas....I'm rooting for you, too.

No day should be bad. So I have to ask myself why was that day bad? It's football season.

The Tide is on top, and my friend, Rusty, had one of the most successful days of his life. His life is absolutely beautiful right now. I can't even express my happiness for what that means to me. I love Rusty, and I love that he loves his life. As a result, I think, all good things are coming to him. His love for life is bringing all things that he loves to him. I think this is how it works. Life, that is.

But then this other guy finds that all negative things are coming to him. And, well, I have lunch with him, and he seems to be tied in this knot. I find I just want to untie him. I want to touch his shoulder and say, Hey, you, it's gonna be okay. Loosen up. He doesn't want to loosen up. In fact, he doesn't hear anything I say. But that's okay 'cause yesterday I just needed to shut up and listen to people's stories. We're all learning, right?

I was around so many people with so many stories and I felt like I really needed to listen to all of them with as much respect as I could muster but so many of them were telling their stories all at once. And it was hard to handle.

This is what an introvert feels like, I think. Too much stimuli makes you feel like you had a bad day. Thus, you possibly keep your circles close. Tight knit. I think this is one of the reasons I come here and write to you, my circle.

I'm just sayin'.... but maybe not.

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