Tuesday, September 14, 2010

continued space

Like I said, the people in my post from yesterday, they make me smile. His writing, the photographs of her and them, the yays at the end of this video. Well, like I said, beautiful. The music makes me think of how much I love Jesse.

Special note directed at Josh and Priscilla, I claim this album as the Christmas gift for Jesse. Total Aunt Shea gift. It would also be an Uncle Josh and Aunt Priscilla gift so the claim has now been posted on the internet. Certified. Official. Aunt Shea gift.

In fact I just want to give it to everyone.

Streaming on in the conscience I start thinking about other beautiful things. Like Michelle. She is one of my favorite writers, like a good TV series without the TV. She is unabashedly herself, both in her photographs and in her words. You totally gotta love that about a woman.

And/or for all the same reasons I have to admit I've gone mainstream. No longer am I a part of an underground culture, as if Ben Harper got all famous. Maybe it's the 40 thing, but I'm saying I feel like I've read every word this woman has ever written, seen every photograph that she and her husband have taken, watched her links, listened to her music. It's beautiful. You won't waste a single moment checking it out.

And then I think about Slater, our conversations about school this past weekend. Biology. Chemistry. Calculus. The fact that he shaved to go out Sunday night. How much I love him, how cool it is to know him. That freaking smile, man, it'll melt your heart.

Billy Sue. She's snoring right now. Sleeping lulled by the tapping of a keyboard.

Jason. I'm glad Granny thinks you should have been my boyfriend and she calls you hers. I am glad I know you. And I will forever, like the thousands of others, stalk you. When we talked the other night it just felt like you and me we grew up too fast. Where did time go? One more night of riding around the Sonic until we ran out of gas, you laughing. You have one of the most beautiful, musical laughs. I think she gave that to you. As a mother I think the best thing you can ever give your child is laughter. Definitely a one in a million queen.

I think about Mom and Dad, their relationship, their connection to Wyatt.


Jesse. Tap shoes and dance. Music.

Josh and Priscilla.

Jason and Madeline.

Sweet Shelby.

Ellen. I've got to email her letting her know that I'll be in the area Saturday night and I want to come, sit out on her dock and have a drink. I'll even bring the spirits.

Charlie. Your story is so beautiful. I want to write it but you already are so I listen. Calling your music art feels like I'm placing it in something that can't even contain it. So it's water, maybe. It is experience, it is beauty. Thank you for playing it. I won't be able to catch the show this weekend, but the following weekend, man, I'm all about some Love Festival. I hope the whole rest of the world is too.

Kim. Go to the Bahamas. I will so come visit you there.

Peyton. Oh, the stories about Peyton and work. The girls at work.

Angie. I wish we had time for lunch or a longer phone call or hell, I'll just check your facebook page. Look at the pictures. At least we'll see each other at the wedding we're shooting. Dude, can you believe we're actually shooting a wedding? Oh. My. Gosh.

Colby. I love Colby, Madison and Katie.

Mike. I can't think about Angie without thinking about Mike.

Nan. Sweet Nan. I need to take Nan out to lunch. Why haven't I called, Nan? Maybe by reading this she will know I am thinking of her.

Sherrie. We have to take some time out to see each other, to laugh, to inspire.

Shenna. Good for Shenna.

Cannon. Oh, Cannon!


Rick. I'm going to try and not call you this morning. Talking to you is like an addiction and I feel like you're wanting so much more and I think you deserve to have absolutely everything you want. I love you. But I'm just me. And right now I'm thinking that is all the world can handle in one moment. Me, right now.

Rusty. Go, Rusty.

Rebecca. Rusty's space.

Kay. The Courtyard. Josh, sorry man, but we're gonna have to get to work on our Courtyard project. Seriously, Kay is expecting it. Great things. Right now, you and me, we can't even imagine what it's gonna be so we just have to take the first step, I think. I need to edit, don't I?

Daniel. I will buy your story. Write it.

D. with the little line in the back of the letter. Poet. Artist. Your call was a gift last Friday.

Chuck. Beautiful, beautiful Chuck. I treasure that space.

Then it stops. I stop writing this but it will never be complete. I will always want to come back here and write more about the people and things I love. In fact, I'm sure I've missed a million beautiful things just by writing this.

As you already know sometimes I just like to write off into the sunset total pun, totally cheesy and I am okay with that to music.....just listen to the whole album while you do whatever you do.

Lovely, lovely Wednesday. Samsara is Nirvana.


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