Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Angie called today 'cause she needed a book for Madison. Important, priority. I couldn't answer the question, though, 'cause I was busy with work. So tonight at 11:30pm I need a book to tell her.

I need your help as well. If you are a woman or you know a woman who you know well enough to ask please ask her what her favorite book was when she was ten years old.

She just got finished with Are you there, God? It's Me, Margaret by Judy Blume, and she loved it. That was my favorite book at her age as well.

It was very much a girl book absent of any physical violence, any real harm at all and filled with all kinds of questions going through a girl's mind at that time. Boys, boobs, practicing kissing on a pillow, what is sex, whose boyfriend is whose, menstruation, am I popular, whose popular, why.....and on and on. If you, yes, you, reading this know of a book like that or if you have a book that distracts Madison from all those other questions then please leave the name and author in the comment section. You can even be anonymous.

It is interesting, I think, to consider how books shape us, what they say about us. Shelby and I have reading in common, and she once asked me what my favorite books were. It was a charming question to which I had a favorite four. It was great to think of them actually, remember reading them, what that time in my life was like.

Maybe I should just tell you about one right now, 'cause I get all wordy, ya' know. It was one of Shelby's favorites as well.

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

I love the story, the characters, yes my car's name is Scout, the intrigue, the mystery. Atticus is a downright dreamboat, excellent man. Justice wins and you hope people see how absurd they were. The landscape is the South, and it makes me proud to live here. Ms. Harper Lee has been reported, I've never actually heard her speak a word to me so it's at the very least hearsay, to have the novel to be painstaking in it's creation. She was from Alabama but living in New York when she wrote it. Her friends made her, got together and paid for her to take a year off work. She did it, she hated it, someone published it and then she ran away ..... to Alabama, to not write to the world, to not say so much out loud. My assumption is she didn't care for all the attention. Heck, I'm just glad she wrote it. Much gratitude goes out to her from my heart. I mean, seriously, it's one of my top four.

In fact, Angie, I think this would be an excellent book for our sweet Madison! Yay, we found her next book.



ellen said...

I have a writer friend who targets the young teen demographic. Look for "The Heights, the Depths and Everything in Between" by Sally Nemeth. If you can't find it, I have a copy I will loan. Check out her blog at salgal99.livejournal.com.

Shea Goff said...

Angie and I will definitely check that out. Thank you, Ellen. I thought several times yesterday that it may still be a bit early for To Kill a Mockingbird, although sweet Madison is quite the brainiac. After reading this last book she looked at her Mama and said, "Now I want more drama. I don't want all those other books I was reading before. I want DRAMA." I hope she remembers this story when she receives her first Oscar!

Love going out to you,