Tuesday, August 31, 2010


This is what I believe to be true. I believe it is okay for you and me to believe differently. I believe we each walk through certain life experiences and we're taking those with us somewhere else. I believe it is well and fine if you believe life stops after this physical death or goes somewhere else. Cool. Peace. Love.

I believe Wyatt was no accident.

I believe he has already taught me and my family a million things because he learned those last time or the time before or whenever. Maybe God whispered in his ear.

I believe Wyatt has taught me to be in joy. I believe he is pure joy beyond any obstacle life throws his way.

I believe when he tries to eat my Dad's head he is saying take whatever God gave you and chew on it. Make it yours. It is. Eat it up.

I believe when Wyatt watches people with such love and intent, more than I've ever seen in any human, he is saying be observant and aware. And love, most of all just LOVE.

I believe Wyatt says be patient. Know that each one of us is walking our own journey and everything will be okay if, for a moment or forever, we are left to our own path and we allow someone else theirs. He is outrageously understanding.

I believe Wyatt says it is important to be strong in spirit.

I believe Wyatt tells us that our fellow humans are gifts.

I believe I wouldn't have made this world as it is. I believe I would have changed some things. But then again I also believe that you and I wouldn't be here if I was in charge 'cause I would have blown it up many centuries ago. Back when I was not so COOL. PEACE. LOVE.

I had some things to learn.

But I'm learning. I am learning to be more like Wyatt so he won't have to teach me anymore. And the world will be as Wyatt sees it.

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