Thursday, August 26, 2010

girlie things

Okay, so yeah, I know we are living in a metro sexual age where boys and girls can cross the gender specific stereotypes laid out by humans craving certain separations, guidelines maybe. Hell, I know a guy who is all right wing, ultra conservative, large as a college football player, manly man with two tours in Iraq under his belt and nicely pedicured toes hidden under his steel toed boots.

Me? My idea of getting dolled up includes mascara and chap stick. And that's right before I go work the corner twice a year.

All this to say that this morning's spa treatment I gave myself was quite the experience. Self care via a facial, more shaving than I care to mention, lathering up in pear lotion and the actual plucking of eyebrows gone wild. All followed by a thirty minute meditation on cool sheets as the ceiling fan circulated the air around me. I kinda feel like a girl again maybe. Ya' know, one of those old fashioned, lines are clear kinda girls.

No, I didn't do the pedicure but maybe tonight. Today I feel like I need to wear my bright orange Mr. T "I pity the fool" t-shirt just to keep the boys at bay.

Baby steps.

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