Monday, August 2, 2010


I think it may be necessary to break from the regularly scheduled program of the NOW at Como Courtyard to do a brief public service announcement regarding the necessity of being an organ donor.

So here goes....

I am a bit of a snob regarding consumerism.

I like to think that I have managed to escape the need to compete with another human in regards to monetary gain and mass accepted symbols of such.

Yet yesterday I had to admit they have me.

Although the box on the back of my driver's license is checked in regards to me giving up any usable tissue upon my death, it is now evident that my charity has been trumped by my perceived need of a product. I am weak. Oh who am I kidding, I would die without it!!!!

Entergy Corporation could ask me for an organ, possibly some limbs, definitely the breasts, everything but the pinkie toes and I would gladly hand these over in order to have air conditioning.

Geeze Louise, it is HOT out there.

I am so very grateful for air conditioning and for the organs I have worthy of trade.

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