Sunday, July 11, 2010



I guess we can all agree that different moments contain different tempos. When Slater's call wakes me up from the long, drooling nap I am quickly energized by his invite to dinner. Simply the sound of his voice picks up my beat. He is in Oxford, MS and is just leaving his girlfriend, Shelby, after a nice afternoon date. What he proposes is stopping by my little hideaway, knocking on the door and properly escorting me down the sidewalk to a Chicago style pizza joint called Windy City Grill. I am quite honored and accept the invitation.

Shelby and I are both very lucky women.

Later I open the door to the greatest teacher I have ever known. He is decked out in old jeans sans belt, a wrinkled shirt and slip on shoes with no socks. His hair is wavy, a bit too long for his grandfather, and he is already showing the stubble of man who would rather not shave. Quite handsome without one ounce of pretension. God did some pretty intricate work on this one.

"Ma'am, are ya' ready for our date?" He gives me one of those big grins he knows I love and those blue eyes simply radiate laughter.

"Heck yeah!" I say and close the door behind me.

The dinner is fantastic. Good Italian food and incredible conversation. He can talk about anything and has a beautiful wit. Laughter dots our words as we discuss our individual past twenty-four hours, and there is an overwhelming satisfaction to being in this moment with him. To have once held a baby scared out of my mind and now to be sitting here across the table from a young man whose very presence gives me such faith in humanity is a complete miracle.

Just as Slater is asking for the check my old friend Rusty walks in, pulls up a chair and begins one of his comedy routines. He has a million of these. In the physical comedic arena he stands and falls and stumbles and gets right back up and falls again with such greats as John Ritter and Chevy Chase. The boy could actually quit his day job.

Slater and I offer to sit while Rusty orders something, but he opts to get a sausage and cheese plate from further down the sidewalk at The Como Steakhouse and return to the Courtyard for a visit. We accompany him on the nice evening stroll, up and down the length of Main Street Como.

Back at my sanctuary we all sit on the porch and marvel at the beauty. I receive just as much satisfaction, if not more, sharing this place with others and seeing the looks on their faces. Rusty is already making plans to bring his new love here, and I tell him there is no better choice for a romantic getaway.

There is some further conversation, darkness begins creeping in, the lights to the left shine, then to the right and the guys decide to mosey on. I read another chapter in Gary's book and fix me a drink.

Little do I know what this night will bring but I am fully open to all possibilities.

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