Saturday, July 10, 2010

Once, Falling Slowly

Today is when time stops being. Without knowing I fall into the vacation mindset of night meets day, day meets night. The clock is irrelevant.

After the soak I shower, put on the fresh change of clothes and look again for a book. I had thrown Thoreau in the backpack as a last minute thought when leaving the house, but he seems too angry for here. He would think this was too decadent, and I would surmise he was too judgmental. Maybe he will be a more suited companion for a backpacking trip later. Maybe one day I'll drown him in the Greene River.

Although there is that bookcase, there are also books placed throughout the space and I eye an interesting title on the lower shelf of a side table next to an oversize chair. Soul Stories by Gary Zukav. I am immediately drawn to the title and know instantly this must be my vacation read.

A dim light is beginning to creep past the large windows while I settle into the couch and open the book. Gary begins his odyssey by explaining the evolution of souls, and I am instinctually drawn into his dream. Though knowledge is a wonderful thing, there is a gut feeling letting me know Zukav has won my heart in this journey. Thoreau can stay at Walden.

Later I place an old receipt in the book to mark my spot, put the dirty clothes in the grocery bag and head up the road to home. I know the boys are fine. They don't need me this week, but they don't mind me dropping in either. The truth is that every now and again I just need to see Slater, hear his voice on the phone or read a note he has left for me.

They are still asleep when I get home and have left the kitchen a mess. Obviously their previous night had been partly spent visiting the local Walmart and purchasing all the wrong foods for the right reasons. Three boys and a party. I walk past the mess, quietly open the door to Slater's room, peek in and make sure he's breathing. Dear children of all mothers, We love that you breathe. Laughter and smiling are the bonuses, the Publishers Clearing House of Life, but breathing is the meat and potatoes. Signed, mothers of all children.

I walk back to the kitchen and happily clean it as a contribution to their week. Afterwards I start laundry and take Billy Sue outside for some quality backyard time. She doesn't know where I've been, and I do feel a bit guilty hoping that time is irrelevant to her as well.

Once my duties are complete I put another fresh change of clothes in a bag, glance at the breathing of the child, ensure Billy Sue's bowl is full while telling her I love her and she is the best dog in the world, skip out to my car and return to my vacation.

Back at the Courtyard I take a nap.

Post script ~ If there were such things as side notes, today this would be my side note. Good movie. Good soundtrack.


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