Saturday, July 24, 2010


Kim arrives first, and she's bearing gifts. Of course she is. There are several and the wrappings include shiny bows with strands of brightly colored curls and rainbows in the form of tissue paper bursting from various bags created for the sole purpose of gift giving. I tell her she gives guilt, and she laughs.

Here's the problem. I am supposed to be in the NOW but how do you convey NOW when you have a thirty year history with someone? How do I let you know my NOW with Kim without reverting to everything I know about Kim leading up to this point?

My solution is to tell you that when I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me and says, "But hey, you've got Kim." And this makes me feel better because just the simple fact Kim is my friend means I'm okay. Everyone, in my opinion, needs a Kim in their life.

In the NOW if you had a camera poised at the far top corner of the Courtyard's kitchen area and you took a snapshot overlooking the dining area where we are standing you would conclude from the photograph that there are no two outwardly different people in this world.

She is decked out in lounging clothes sewn specifically for the act of lounging. I, on the other hand, am donning clothing with questionable origin chosen for lounging due to the holes and bleach stains.

Her purse matches her shoes.

I am not wearing shoes.

She is immaculately groomed.

I think I brushed my hair yesterday.

We are, as her Dad terms it, Mutt & Jeff.

What you don't see in this photograph is that when Kim speaks I nod. And when I speak Kim nods. Yet the most crucial, most beautiful, fantastic, wonderful thing is that we laugh together. Laugh hysterically at each other, at ourselves and, when we need to, life.

She wanders around the place making plans to possibly have a wedding shower here. I try to be the tour guide, and then we head out to get the pizzas before the remaining guests arrive.

Just wait till you meet Angie....

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