Sunday, July 25, 2010


I feel nervous. Although I am sharing this space with people I love dearly, it is as if I am Tom Hanks in Castaway and have just been rescued off the island. Similar to the first dive into cold water on a hot summer day, refreshing yet shocking to the system.

Like a rubber band snapping back I am an overcompensating hostess. "Would you like a drink? Do you want to sit on the porch? Play some music? Look at this? What do you think about that?" And on and on.

I can usually rely on Kim to tell me to shut up, but she is just trying to absorb the place after a hard day of work. Yes, she'll have a drink.

We hear a knock at the door. It's Angie.

Angie comes in carrying the world. She has it packed on her back 'cause she's saving it. This, among many other reasons, is why she is my little sister. In my world there is this little addendum to biology where if you reach the age of mature decision making you can adopt the sister of the guy you are dating because you grew up with brothers and you always wanted a sister. I adopted Angie over twenty years ago. Got the papers and everything.

Another snapshot over the dining area and you'll see that Angie outwardly presents herself more on the lines of Kim than me. In fact, she's got a new purse and Kim is studying it while I make another drink. Angie soon joins me at the bar and pours herself a glass of wine.

Angie has to unwind. She needs the week I just had. All I can offer her is tonight so the speed in which she needs to come back from what she has confronted out there in the world is almost too much. Yet if anyone can do it, Angie can. I bet you didn't know that currently nuclear physicists are attempting to find ways to harness the power of Angie. For real.

Angie loves this place and is already making plans to bring Mike here.

We three women shuffle out to the back porch where we claim our spots for the night. I bring my cigarettes. Kim has her manicure tote in tow, and Angie brings her wine and stories.

The group is almost complete.

The only one missing is Sherrie....

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