Friday, June 18, 2010

Planes, Buses & Automobiles

Delta cancelled our 8:30am flight to Chicago Monday morning.

The alternate flight with United at 2:30pm was then postponed till 5:00pm.

Due to the delay in reaching our destination we had to ride a packed bus and didn't arrive till 8:30pm missing the first day of festivities.

Delta cancelled our 4:30pm shot to Memphis on Wednesday. They offered to put us in a hotel room and on another flight in the morning.

We kindly declined the offer and rented a car turning the ten hour ride into a nine hour one.

Got home yesterday at 4:00am.

There are some great quotes from this trip.

Rusty on a bus full of quiet, orderly people headed to O'Hare when he found out our flight had once again been cancelled....he should have maybe used his inside voice when he EXCLAIMED, "Shea, wake up. WE'RE FUCKED!" Some people don't use the "F" word.

Or when I'm driving the rental car out of Chicago just happy to be in a forward motion, notice the smell of chocolate in the air and point to a Baby Ruth factory while explaining to Rusty that the sweet smell was an excellent sign. He replied, "You've taken being positive too far!!"

And yes, I totally got out of paintball.

All in all, I love home. Love my shower. Love my bed. Love my son and my dog and my office and my coworkers and my computer and everything!!! It's so good to be home.

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