Friday, May 28, 2010


It could be said that this has been a trying week. One which has tried my patience, tried my faith, tried my stamina and tried my sanity.

Yet I'm still trying. Trying to do the best I can, trying to be kind to those around me, trying to understand that each day is simply another step in a beautiful journey.

Some days all you have is the trying.

So, yeah, I'm grateful for the ability and willingness to try.


Only moments after posting this I spoke with a friend, who had already read the post. I'm at the very least flattered by such a quick read, and I think part of the conversation needs to be documented here if for no other reason because I am lucky enough to have someone in my life who references Yoda.

Him: I just read your blog.

Me: Wow! That was a quick read. Thank you for being interested.

Long silence.

Me: Ummmmmm...that's all you have to say????

Him: What would Yoda say?

Me: How the hell would I know? What would he say?

Him: Try not. Be.

I love that.

What a wonderful gift I received early on a Friday morning.

Just be. Cut yourself some slack. Stop trying so fucking hard.

Happy Friday to ya'. I love YOU, my sweet readers.

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