Monday, May 17, 2010


Let's pretend life is a movie. Your eyes are the camera. If you have a narrator you know he/she has got to be the ego and we all know you may as well get rid of the narrator 'cause in a movie the story is always best shown rather than told.

Then there's the music. The melodies that bind the scenes play a vital role in my movie. I love music. It connects me, feeds my soul, tears my heart out and pieces me back together. I would love to write about it and pay tribute to all those groups and individuals who have graciously provided the music for my movie. That would take way too long. Yet I would be remiss if I didn't document the current kick my ass, inspire me, motivate me, break my heart, turn me on to no end tunes rocking my world.

Needless to say, I'm a bonafide blues girl. From head to toe, but if you have even a blues appendage then I think Dan Auerbach could take you to a really great place. Interestingly enough, his album, Keep it Hid, was the first entire album that Slater and I fully connected on. So it's gotta be good, huh?

Here's where he breaks your heart...

But look, he and Patrick then Set You Free on the fantastic, oh please...I listen to it every morning, Black Keys' album Thickfreakness.

Really, I'll stop now but not before Dan takes us home.

I am so very, very grateful for music.

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