Wednesday, May 26, 2010

pleurotus ostreatus

I don't watch the news. I don't read the newspaper. The things I think I know seem to come to me rather haphazardly. But then maybe not. Some people may say that I have my head in the sand, and that's okay as well.

Being somewhat tied to the recent oil spill in the Gulf via a familial relation and in a seemingly unrelated incident having watched in my leisure a documentary called Know Your Mushrooms (yeah, I just admitted that)it occurred to me that the oyster mushroom is an intriguing little fungus.

And yes, my brain just said, "there's a fungus among us." Cause there's still a part of me that's a twelve year old girl who likes to giggle.

In all seriousness, people like Paul Stamets end up making me snicker a bit with some of their statements. Yet I can't help but think I know that deep down this Earth has all the answers and is fully capable of handling it's own issues. Working with it has got to be our best option considering it would have no problem handling us as well.

All this from the chic who murdered tomato plants last year.

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