Saturday, May 22, 2010

optic nerve stimulation

It's graduation night, and I've got a problem. Family and friends are gathered in the kitchen, and I'm trying to get THAT picture of THE boy. Our problem is the pose. What did who observed subject is changed simply by the act of observation. Something like that.

I'm attempting to get a particular shot with an unfamiliar camera, gradually crawling into the digital age. His poses are contained, thought out rather than felt. I press on by using one the most distasteful jokes ever heard but the only one I've remembered since the age of eleven. Slater has heard it so many times that just the first line makes him laugh. Not because it's funny, but because his Mom is that depraved.

I point the camera, look him in the eyes and say, "There once was this man who went off to war, and while he was gone his wife had a baby." I think he may have smiled to silence me.

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ellen said...

great night - great shot - great job, mom!