Monday, May 24, 2010


A few years ago I was working on dialogue in short stories. Then I stopped. Kinda. It seems that I didn't have to write a short story to work on dialogue. I just needed to be introduced to Sweet Buckwheat Fruit Loop Billy Sue Goff. You can simply call her Billy Sue if you'd like.

Me: Yo, Billy Sue. Wazzup?

Billy Sue: I'm sitting here chillaxin. Why? What are you doing?

Me: Pretty much the same. Just trying to get used to this camera.

Billy Sue: Camera? What does it taste like?

Me: It doesn't taste. You can't eat it. It's not food.

Billy Sue: Yeah, why don't you just roll on over and take a little nap. I'll stand guard over the camera-not-food thingie. No worries.

Me: You're the best, Billy Sue.

Billy Sue: Yeah, yeah. Just go on to sleep.

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