Friday, May 14, 2010

day two

I think I lack inspiration so I am just taking it one day at a time. Step by step. Word by word. Simply putting something here.

Yesterday I got invited to the June sales meeting in Rockford. And, yes, this definitely feeds the ego during the same week I've had my own little self improvement class on humility. Interesting to think, though, that the ego feeding sales meeting may be the best lesson in humility yet considering I will be playing frickin paint ball with seven guys. Doesn't that hurt? Oh good gosh.

Slater is going to try and instruct me but yesterday when he was telling me how I should just run at them shooting like a mad woman it occurred to me that maybe he's not on my side. Thus, I have some time to come up with my own paintball strategy.

Paintball Strategy #1: No trash talking. This from the girl who could essentially force Ghandi to impose physical harm on her with trash talking.
Sweet Friday. I am truly grateful for my job.

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